How to go to the Vienna Ball?

The dancing season in Vienna starts from November 11 to “Fasching” Tuesday (the season of Austrian carnivals and masquerades). But the most interesting of all them is held in January-February. The first big one traditionally takes place on New Year’s Eve in the Hofburg, the winter residence of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty (now the official residence of the president).

During the season, you can visit about 300 balls. The most essential role in all of Europe is played by the Vienna Opera. This year it will be held on February 8. The Opera Ball ranks in importance with a governmental reception and is usually attended by President.

Vienna Ball – dress code

The one held in Opera is an event on a grand scale. It is necessary to look accordingly. Yes, men must wear tailcoats, the invitations will say “fraktzwang” (mandatory tailcoat).

And ladies should have a long, beautiful gown. You can choose it in the Rorru&Kretschmer boutique, which is popular among stars and politicians. If this option is expensive, you can buy a gown at local shopping centers or at Viennese second-hand shops or flea markets.

How to get there and where to buy tickets?

The official price of tickets for the Vienna Ball can be checked on the opera’s website. An entrance ticket to the Vienna Ball will cost € 290, and a place in the box – € 20.5 thousand. A table for 6 people will cost € 1,200, for 4 – € 8,000.

To get to the Vienna Ball as a guest, you need to buy an outfit, learn to dance the waltz, choose the appropriate tickets and go on an adventure. It is better, to go to the dance with a partner who is quite experienced in dancing – such a schedule is guaranteed to provide you with a good evening. It is better to buy tickets in advance, as they may not be available in a few months.