National cuisine of Austria

Tasty and diverse Austrian cookery tends to be hearty courses with an abundance of ingredients. When it comes to culinary side of life in Austria, many associates it with Viennese cuisine. Yes, the residents of the capital are lucky – the famous Wiener schnitzels and charlottes are known far beyond the federal lands.

However, Viennese cuisine is only a tiny part of Austria’s rich and rich culinary culture. Austrian cookery is a bizarre combination of native habitude that has been influenced by neighboring countries for centuries.

For hundreds of years, Austrian chefs have combined recipes of national dishes borrowed from the Czechs, Italians, Germans, Swiss, Turks, and people from the Balkans. It can be difficult to know where a particular prescription comes from. Original cookery habitude was mixed with external ones in Vienna.

National dishes of Austria

Austrian haute cuisine can be divided into rural and urban. The first is characterized by an abundance of vegetables and dairy products – the main components of the peasant diet. Easy-to-cook rural food are made of potatoes, cabbage, onions, garlic, and cheese.

In cities, meat and fish courses with complex recipes dominate. Many of them first appeared on tables of royal nobility and wealthy bourgeoisie.

Austrian Schnitzel 一 is far from the only authentic Austrian dish. Less famous recipes also deserve attention, and no less, because they also form the showcase of the national cuisine. We have collected the most known Austrian food.

Popular Austrian dishes

Backhendl 一 has been a specialty of capital’s elite cuisine since 18th century. It consists of boned-in spices and fried pieces of chicken. A backhendl is more of an aristocratic cuisine and is still considered a deluxe dish to this day. The fact is that for its preparation, chicken meat must be fried in rather high-priced ghee.

Beuschel. Another classical Viennese dish is also revered in Bavaria. It is a stew of lungs. In some situations, goat, pork, or beef giblets are added.

Vanillerostbraten. The classic recipe calls for serving this dish with fried potatoes. Despite name, this dish does not have an ounce of vanilla.