Ferdinand Raimund (1790–1836)

Ferdinand Raimund abandoned his apprenticeship in a bakery to become an actor. His carreer had a rocky start with him working for various travelling theatres throughout Hungary until he was able to secure a position at famous 'Theater an der Wien'. Raimund was a charismatic actor, even though he would have preferred to star in tragedies rather than in burlesques and comedies.

3 of his 8 plays are known and ocassionally staged today: 'Der Alpenkönig und der Menschenfeind' (The King of the Alps and the Misanthrop), 'Das Mädchen aus der Feenwelt oder Der Bauer als Millionär' (The girl from fairy land or the farmer as millionaire) and 'Der Verschwender' (The dissipator).

However, his plays are typical examples of romantic magical comedies with fairy stories, moral allegories and deus-ex-machina happy endings which are at odds with contemporary tastes.