DJ Ötzi (1971 - )

DJ Ötzi was born as Gerry Friedle in St Johann in Tyrol. After his mother gave him up for adoption, he was raised by his grandmother. In school he was always an outsider and after he failed the School of Agriculture, he started an apprenticeship as a cook. At the age 19, DJ Ötzi decided to conquer the world and soon ended up homeless, living on the street. After four months, he pulled himself together and started a career as a DJ in the local dance club scene. Soon he started DJing all around Tyrol and Mallorca, working himself up as a star in rural Austria. Even the diagnosis of testicle cancer in 1998, which DJ Ötzi was healed of, couldn't slow down his career. His friend and producer Claus Marcus talked him into singing "Der Anton aus Tirol", DJ Ötzi agreed and landed a hit at once. DJ Ötzi was on top of the Austrian, German and UK charts. All his follow up singles have been hits. DJ Ötzi's singles are less significant for an interesting musical styles, but for easy listening party and drinking music. Right now, DJ Ötzi is one of the most successful Austrian musicians ever.