Falco (1957-1998)


Falco was born in Vienna as Johann Hölzl. Starting at an early age, Falco's interest was turned to music. After playing in different bands like Drahdiwaberl and the Spinning Wheel he decided to start a solo career and his first album in 1982 "Einzelhaft" was a bestseller at once. His musical style was unique in the Austrian music scene and he managed to combine German lyrics with the starting arising rap music from America. Although his follow up album "Junge Römer", released in 1984 was highly critical acclaimed, he actual world wide breakthrough came with his third album "Falco 3" in 1985. Including the single "Rock Me Amadeus", with was a number one hit in Austria, Germany, the UK and the USA, it was his best-selling album ever. In 1986 he released his new album "Emotional", which turned out to be an enormous success too. While his fame was rising, Falco's personal life went downwards, rattled with marriage, alcohol and drug problems. In 1992 he managed a midsize come back with the album "Nachtflug". In 1996 he fled the Austrian media and life and moved to the Dominican Republic. After releasing two hit singles and just having finished his new album, Falco died in a car crash on the Dominican Republic in 1998. His last album "Out Of The Dark" was released posthumously.