German Language Schools in Salzburg!

Enjoy Wolfang Amadeus Mozart's birthplace. A city full of high brow culture, music and style. Treat yourself to some coffee in Salzburg's beautiful old town or enjoy its close proximity to Austrian mountains and lakes.

In Austria people speak standard German, a pure and correct German with a melodious pronunciation. Salzburg offers a unique mix of small town charm and international culture and is a perfect place to improve your German language skills. Get to know Salzburg and Austrian culture while profiting from modern and communicative German language instruction.

Studying in Salzburg!

Even though Salzburg university is merely 40 years old, the city looks back on a long tradition of higher learning and academic training. Salzburg university offers various computer science study programs as well as many modern study programs in the fields of biology and ecology.

Being proud of its reputation as Mozart-City Salzburg also features a renowned academy of music called 'Mozarteum'.