German Language Schools in Linz!

Linz, formerly known as industrial centre, is now emphasising cultural activities and features a vibrant art scene, theatres, cinemas, music and diverse events. It is situated in Upper Austria and surrounded by charming woods and hills. People are open and friendly, always ready for a short chat. Make full use of the advantages of studying abroad for full cultural immersion. It's a fun way to learn German.

In Austria people speak standard German, a pure and correct German with a melodious pronunciation. You can spend your free time shopping, drinking coffee and tuning in on local talk and gossip: International German language courses are an exciting way of picking up German grammar, vocabulary and collocations.

Study in Linz!

Linz university is a young and modern institutes which offers most of the usual fields of study. It features a remarkeable selection of academic study programs on computer technologies, programming and IT.

Linz also offers several renowned universities and institutes teaching arts.