Language Schools in Vienna, Austria!

Vienna is the perfect location to learn the German language. Vienna as the capital of Austria features an impressive number of theatres, cinemas and other cultural venues. Moreover, Vienna is a secure and comfortable city, with all of the city's attractions easily accessible by public transport.

In Austria people speak the standard German language, a pure and correct German with a melodious pronunciation. Vienna's inhabitants are friendly and talkative, a coffee shop in Vienna is always a good way to immerse yourself in the German language and Austria's culture.

An international German Language study program greatly helps your German proficiency and affords you the leisure to discover one of Europe's most attractive cities in detail. Learn German and experience Vienna.

Studying the German Language in Vienna!

There are very few subjects that you are not unable to study in Vienna, Austria. A large variety of courses ranging from business, law, medicine, computer sciences to various languages, arts and natural sciences rival for the students attention. Combined with the inspiration the city itself provides this choice of academic training earns Vienna, Austria an excellent academic reputation.

Our recommendation for a language school in Austria:

German courses in Vienna

At the ActiLingua Academy you will learn the standard form of the German language according to a recognized curriculum. ActiLingua Academy offers top standards of German language tuition, a proven successful range of German courses taught by motivated and university-educated teachers, an ideal learning environment, modern teaching equipment and up to date German language resources.

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